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This really helped while we were keeping up with the frequent doctor visits and all the medication changes, but I felt I didn't want my son to go through a possible heart transplant. The doctors weren't saying that he was showing any signs of improvement. So I researched as much as I could about Cardiomyopathy and found that the proper nutrition in addition to the prescription medications may be the key to helping his heart improve. This made sense to me because natural foods or nutrition which comes from God plays a huge part of our health. Good nutrition is one of the most substantial needs for mere survival and good health. We sometimes aren't aware of how useful God's creations can be that he has so lovingly put on this earth to use.

And don't think that "buffered" aspirin is any better when it comes to gastro-intestinal bleeding. A study in Lancet found that the risk of bleeding was 2.6 times higher in people taking 325 mg or less of regular aspirin compared to people not taking any aspirin. The risk in people taking "buffered" aspirin was 3.1 higher. In people who took more than 325 mg of regular aspirin a day the risk was 5.8 times higher, while in those taking buffered aspirin it was 7.0 time higher. In other words, people taking buffered aspirin actually had higher risk!

There was a study of over 2,300 patients where angloplasty-vs-drug therapy comparison proved the same. The result was that no differences in death, nonfatal heart attacks, strokes or hospitalization between patients with "stable" heart disease treated with medication alone vs. those who got drugs plus angioplasty and stenting.
Exercise - Exercise helps prevent stress, and cardiovascular exercises can keep your heart healthy. Don't allow aging to slow you down, because you still need to exercise.
Equipped with the latest state of the art facilities, SHAKUNTLA NURSING HOME & HOSPITAL is managed by a Team of leading and reputed specialists in various spheres of Medicines. Apart from these services, consultant staff also available at the premises. Thus, we are well geared to handle any dire Emergency as per your requirement.
Early studies with aspirin showed absolutely no benefits when it came to preventing heart attacks. (BMJ 1974 vol. 1 p. 436, Lancet Vol. 2 p. 1313, JAMA Feb 15, 1980, BMJ 1988 vol. 296 pg. 313-6). Then one study which used Bufferin (aspirin and magnesium) showed that while the number of fatal heart attacks was not reduced, there were 40% fewer non-fatal heart attacks in people taking Bufferin. This is the reason why doctors recommend aspirin for prevention of heart attacks.
Ashwagandha - this is a wonderful herb that helps to combat stress. It's especially beneficial to those with disorders related to stress like hypertension, arthritis, general debility and diabetes.
There has been much publicity regarding the amount of salt included in the majority of processed foods. The Dash Diet is considered to be one of the most effective diets for lowering sodium intake and blood pressure. The most common source of sodium in our diet is table salt added to foods. Low-sodium cottage cheese spoils quickly, and has very low demand. I can understand why most stores do not want to carry it.
There is such a remedy. It is a simple mechanical response, which can subdue the destructive effects of emotional upheaval. One hint of this possibility appeared in a procedure advocated by Dr. Tadeusz Petelenz at a meeting of the European Society of cardiology to save the lives of people having a type of heart attack brought on by rapid and erratic heart beat. He suggested coughing vigorously until an ambulance arrived. The technique, called cough CPR, forced blood to the brain while the heart was beginning to fail and kept patients conscious long enough to call for help. Other experts said the concept was provocative, but unproven and doubted whether it would have practical value. But, could this process provide a clue to a response to stressful situations?
Anger can put excess stress on the heart. Whenever you feel anger, blood rushes to your hands and face. This is where the old saying "he/she became red with anger" comes from. You might want to try relaxing by taking a few deep breaths, listening to mellow music, or meditating.

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